Poster Inspiration On a Sunny Saturday

I am currently lacking a nice poster above my dining table. I actually wanted to make one myself and stumbled across these while searching for inspiration. They are just stunning and maybe I should get one of these also… Hmm…

Can be found & bought here


Spotlight: Line&Jo

Besides having some amazing jewelry Line&Jo has a great identity as well. I love the feminine colour (and the rounded shapes in the logo) combined with the more raw design of the jewelry and the fabric of the ribbon. I have yet to visit their small boutique downtown, but I am sure it stays in the spirit of the identity.

For more jewelry:


Identity designed by:
La Graphic Design

Jamie Oliver & Scandic Hotels

My sweet mother brought my attention to this campaign for Jamie Oliver at Scandic Hotels. I found out that this was in the making back in 2009, so I am sorry if I am a bit late by showing this now.  In short the partnership is about improving the experience of eating at Scandic. Read more below!

“The cooperation agreement between Jamie Oliver and Scandic will run for three years with a focus on different target groups each year. The first year we pay tribute to all kids, whom from this summer will be able to try out completely new children’s menus at all 150 of Scandic’s hotels. Many traditional meals will be revamped and accompanied by superb new dishes, naturally prepared using organic ingredients.”

For deeper info go here

My Speakers are Done!

I spoke of them once before when they where in the making. I think they are stunning and love the space for the iphone! Since they got a little birth mark, we intend to fix later, I am showing them without it. Sadly I haven’t been able to hear how great they sound yet – I’ll make an update when I have.

Edit: I’ve now heard them play and they are absolutely perfect. I almost couldn’t recognize the songs I have heard, for ages, on my mac. Clearly speakers are everything!