Some of my own work. I thought it was time to show you something of my own for a change – so enjoy!


Some work of my own

I did this for a local coffee shop in Århus. It was a pitch intended to inspire the owner of the shop. I wanted to take the identity far away from what he has now and to take it to the same level of his quality coffee. I also developed a special coffee container for his shops. Easy to fold and use for 2-4 cups of coffee. Anyway, if your in Århus you should go check his great coffee out – it is delicious!

Sigfreds: http://sigfreds.dk/


So this is what I have been doing for the last couple of weeks. I think my portfolio turned out like I wanted it. Unfortunately I’m not that skilled in flash and I don’t know anything about html, which was why the website took me ages. Gave me grey hair and made me realize I should’ve done something easier. Just to come to the conclusion, that I wouldn’t have learned half of what I did, if I didn’t aim higher. It’s not all I wanted it to be – but with my skills, in the web area, I think it is alright. Anyway would love to learn html, but am mainly focused on design so I’m not convinced I need it. BUT if any cool graphic design bureaus want to learn me some don’t hesitate to call/write me!

Next few days are all about searching for a job, breathing, drinking tea, visiting Aros and just enjoying that the website is DONE!

More portfolio!

I’m back from Århus, where I printed like hell, some of my stuff are shown in the pictures. So I’ve been cutting and calculating where my damned crop marks should be. I’ll never again make a pdf without! I am for some reason missing some of the original pictures from the document – so I can’t make a new pdf. But I’ll do some photoshop fixing if I calculate wrong – and hopefully no-one will know! So, here is some pictures of how far I am. The first picture is my desk when I started this morning and the second is my desk when I finished, with mostly all crop marks calculated right. Wuhuu!

Portfolio making..

For those of you who doesn’t know what a graphic designer does, I will be posting updates about graphic design since it is what I do and what I love. So if you are interested stick around for future updates.

Here comes some pictures of one of the things going in my portfolio when it is done. Layout and designing magasines/books, is just some of the things I do,  which you’ll find out when I get some more of my portfolio done.

Ohh, and by the way this is a book designed for the elderly – it is going to help them with good ideas for keeping in shape. It is also going to help care-takers recognizing the different types of active elders.

Can also be seen at the bureaus site: http://www.hatchandbloom.com/clients/?show=ccu