Spotlight: Agnes Cupcakes

I have a serious addiction and since this addiction has a serious cute name and a fantastic corporate identity, I decided to share. My addiction feeds my need to obsessing. I constantly think about the next time it would be okay to visit Agnes. I have tried to tell myself that it is not very healthy, but it seems like my mind loves the sugar (or colours??) and is perfectly okay with dying of a sugar rush. As long as cupcakes are the path to it. If you are nearby you should visit Agnes – it’ll be worth it!

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Light & Design Event

First of all I’ve noticed I get a lot of clicks when my posts involve something that could remind of fashion. I am not running a fashion blog – but I hope you find something interesting here anyway. Todays post is about a free event at spinderihallerne. The event revolves around Daniel Rybakken. He is a norwegian designer who has a great fascination of light and the effects light can give. Daniel Rybakken is a price winning designer at the age of only 26.

Date: Thursday, 7. October
Time: 9.30-11.00
Place: Spinderihallerne


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Sunday inspiration

I spend my sunday at Vejle art museum. They had some really inspiring pieces and I think anyone who likes art should go see it. The place is not that big and is, sadly, somewhat fast to go through but the pieces hanging and standing are very beautiful. Besides the art museum we went to some flea markets and I found a great dresser for little money! Wuhuu! So my day has been great. Hope yours are too.

BTW sorry for the bad pictures – couldn’t get myself to bring my camera to the museum.