Headphone break

So I’m still working on my portfolio, but I stumbled upon these while I was taking a break. I think they are great! Lovely illustrations – I’m not really into big headphones, but if I had the money I would buy the one with the turtle only for the illustrations. The turtle would look great next to my speakers – wow that sounded very much like a guy. But if you are interested check his site out: http://www.bobsmade.com



Okay, so I’m in love… Happens once in a while and then I just have to have that thing. This time it’s a tattoo. I have been on the look out for a new tattoo for the bottom part of my left arm. I think I found it! So now I am setting it as my wallpaper for the next 3 months – and then I am going to decide on what to do. In the last image it is the one on the right foot. Adore the pattern.

Found at: http://www.calypsotattoo.com