My Speakers are Done!

I spoke of them once before when they where in the making. I think they are stunning and love the space for the iphone! Since they got a little birth mark, we intend to fix later, I am showing them without it. Sadly I haven’t been able to hear how great they sound yet – I’ll make an update when I have.

Edit: I’ve now heard them play and they are absolutely perfect. I almost couldn’t recognize the songs I have heard, for ages, on my mac. Clearly speakers are everything!


Chikutan Sticks

I recently ordered these Chikutan sticks. The design of the package and flyer is so nice – I had to show you. Anyway this one is a gift. Sadly. The sticks look so beautiful in a bottle of water. I would love to keep them for myself! The overall feel of the package is also very nice. I really have a thing for japanese and chinese things. I think they often have a whole other level of elegance. Btw, the pictures aren’t black and white – the print are. Also I just noticed that because I’ve selected my country to be Denmark they ship the package with a danish flyer. That’s pretty dedicated.

“This White Charcoal is made from Japanese bamboo. White charcoal is naturally activated by a controlled burning process based on traditional Japanese methods. Use it to stir your beverages and the charcoal will absorb impurities in alcohol or tea for a pure taste. Chikutan sticks are popular in high-end Japanese bars. Before use, scald with boiling water. The Chikutan stick is fragile and should be handled like porcelain.”

Ordered from here

Green snake’ish thing arrived

I have just received this – thank you mr. postman! – and am happy that I finally got it. Or maybe happy is not the right word, since it has been a drag calling, checking, calling, checking the address, then calling again just to realize the man still hadn’t changed my address to the correct one. All of this fuss and I couldn’t even get to choose its looks or size. I, truthfully speaking, was on the edge of calling the nice man and canceling this god damned thing. But after nearly 1 1/2 month here it is. So nice, shiny and snake’ish – yes I can make up words just because it’s my blog – that I can’t stay mad at it. So don’t say good things don’t come to those who wait…

Books part II


I recieved 12 books the other day – so I figured this is the last books update and then I’ll make som inspiration shots from the books instead. You are not going to miss out! But for now this is what I have the time to show you today. I am going over to my friend in two hours and got to make dinner first. So busy bee needs to move!

The first picture is my old speakers. I loved them, but apparently somebody had the same feelings for them and broke in to take them (and everything else i owned) home. I really miss them and got my brother, who made the speakers in the first picture, to make me a new set of speakers. So my brother (aka the mastermind) is working on these for me! I can’t wait till they are done! I especially love the place for my phone to charge in the middle and simultaneously play songs.