Marilyn Monroe: Beach shots 1949

Norma Jeane as her birth name was. She makes me feel like growing my hair long and curly when I see these pictures. She also makes me feel sad for all the current models who have to look androgynous.

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Recycled Skateboard Deck Art

A friend of mine posted this on facebook yesterday. I thought I would share it in case any NYC people didn’t know what to do in the upcoming weekend. I really would like to see it myself, but since I am situated in Denmark I’ll have to pass the chance.

“If you live in NYC, this is one show you’re not going to want to miss! Start ing April 16th and run ning until May 14th, you’re going to see skate board decks like you’ve never seen them before. Jonathan LeVine Gallery will be pre sent ing Future Prim i tive, new works by Tokyo-​​based artist Haroshi.”

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Eye Candy

About the Bureau:
We’re an independent multidisciplinary design studio based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Established in 2007 by Lia Nerina Santana, Esteban Pochintesta & Carlo Michelangelo Luetto. We like to work in the fields of illustration, music videos, motion graphics, logo treatments, photography, editorial, etc. With influences in art as in music.

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