Recycled Skateboard Deck Art

A friend of mine posted this on facebook yesterday. I thought I would share it in case any NYC people didn’t know what to do in the upcoming weekend. I really would like to see it myself, but since I am situated in Denmark I’ll have to pass the chance.

“If you live in NYC, this is one show you’re not going to want to miss! Start ing April 16th and run ning until May 14th, you’re going to see skate board decks like you’ve never seen them before. Jonathan LeVine Gallery will be pre sent ing Future Prim i tive, new works by Tokyo-​​based artist Haroshi.”

Pictures and info borrowed here


Paintings I’m Working On

So I am currently painting this picture. I am not quite sure its done yet. But haven’t got a clue about what I should do with it. So this is the outcome for the time being. The one behind the colored piece is also something I am working on right now. I guess it shows I feel more like drawing than actually painting! I absolutely adore the minnie mouse ears on the Brian M. Viveros’ piece and decided to borrow the ears and the girl wearing them for my livingroom.

Brian M. Viveros’ piece:

Diesel: stupid bag

I recently saw this campaign Diesel is running right now. You can make your own bag and then go to a Diesel store to collect it – as far as I understand. Anyway it is pretty simple and if anyone need a fun bag with your own statements on it is free to get it done.

I was at my job interview yesterday. I think it went okay considering it was my first one – it was some really nice people and a nice place! So I am keeping my fingers crossed till the beginning of next week. It would be soooo nice to get a job and do what I love. Well Have a great day folks – I know I will!

Diesel bag:

Have a break – have a kit kat

I have this job interview (I know: Yeah!) on thursday. So I am doing a brainstorm for a task they wanted me to give a take on. In short I am working like a madman this weekend. Since new media and advertising really isn’t my strongest side, I have to think hard. I really hope to get a job where I have the opportunity to train thinking like an advertiser does. Anyway, when I was looking for some new media inspiration I found this:


Kløften headaches…

So kløften Festival is over. Some people continue to Roskilde, others are packing the festival down and again others are trying not to sleep all of their sunday away. I would be in the last category. But wow I heard some amazing bands and some I could live without. Turboweekend is one of those great bands – their performance was fantastic and they are definently going in my iTunes library. I also saw Nephew and I am still not getting the fuss about those guys. Maybe it’s just me – but I could have lived without the crazy hyped crowd at their concert. And even their concert. The graphics was really cool though – I’ll give them that! Dúné was also one of the better concerts and is definently not worth missing. They had a female keyboard player with some funky moves! I only had a one day ticket and I’m really sad I didn’t have a ticket to see Per vers and DJ Static or Dizzy Mizz Lizzy. I heard they were great too. Well, I’m off to grill, more summer and some rejuvenating smoothies – take care!