Chikutan Sticks

I recently ordered these Chikutan sticks. The design of the package and flyer is so nice – I had to show you. Anyway this one is a gift. Sadly. The sticks look so beautiful in a bottle of water. I would love to keep them for myself! The overall feel of the package is also very nice. I really have a thing for japanese and chinese things. I think they often have a whole other level of elegance. Btw, the pictures aren’t black and white – the print are. Also I just noticed that because I’ve selected my country to be Denmark they ship the package with a danish flyer. That’s pretty dedicated.

“This White Charcoal is made from Japanese bamboo. White charcoal is naturally activated by a controlled burning process based on traditional Japanese methods. Use it to stir your beverages and the charcoal will absorb impurities in alcohol or tea for a pure taste. Chikutan sticks are popular in high-end Japanese bars. Before use, scald with boiling water. The Chikutan stick is fragile and should be handled like porcelain.”

Ordered from here

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