Kløften headaches…

So kløften Festival is over. Some people continue to Roskilde, others are packing the festival down and again others are trying not to sleep all of their sunday away. I would be in the last category. But wow I heard some amazing bands and some I could live without. Turboweekend is one of those great bands – their performance was fantastic and they are definently going in my iTunes library. I also saw Nephew and I am still not getting the fuss about those guys. Maybe it’s just me – but I could have lived without the crazy hyped crowd at their concert. And even their concert. The graphics was really cool though – I’ll give them that! Dúné was also one of the better concerts and is definently not worth missing. They had a female keyboard player with some funky moves! I only had a one day ticket and I’m really sad I didn’t have a ticket to see Per vers and DJ Static or Dizzy Mizz Lizzy. I heard they were great too. Well, I’m off to grill, more summer and some rejuvenating smoothies – take care!

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