Coca Cola & Karl Lagerfeld

I actually think it is a nice move from Cola’s side. Since I don’t know how else they would get women across the world to drink diet coke, considering the focus there is on health and the known fact that Cola is bad for your teeth and contains caffeine. I know Manolo and a various of other designers went before him – so go google that if you crave more designer colas!

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Spotlight: Agnes Cupcakes

I have a serious addiction and since this addiction has a serious cute name and a fantastic corporate identity, I decided to share. My addiction feeds my need to obsessing. I constantly think about the next time it would be okay to visit Agnes. I have tried to tell myself that it is not very healthy, but it seems like my mind loves the sugar (or colours??) and is perfectly okay with dying of a sugar rush. As long as cupcakes are the path to it. If you are nearby you should visit Agnes – it’ll be worth it!

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Packaging Line for Greenpharma

Besides the beautiful packaging, nice illustrations and very great colour span – I simply love that women would put snake venom on their skin. I’m still trying to figure out what good that should do. Isn’t that a bad thing? Like deadly if the snake bites you or smaller animals? Anyway enjoy the great pictures!

Pictures borrowed from: Lovely Package
Designed by: Grupo Habermas

Scent Candles!

I was recently invited to a home party for candles which doesn’t effect the environment when burning. Which in fact is very appealing! I bought these two scent candles. They have a nice subtle scent and the packaging is very minimalistic. I am not a big fan of the logo though but the packaging had to get some credit and of course the candle itself. So good to the environment that it wouldn’t harm your children if they accidentally ate some of it. I really love the way all of it turns fluid when lit!

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Recycled Skateboard Deck Art

A friend of mine posted this on facebook yesterday. I thought I would share it in case any NYC people didn’t know what to do in the upcoming weekend. I really would like to see it myself, but since I am situated in Denmark I’ll have to pass the chance.

“If you live in NYC, this is one show you’re not going to want to miss! Start ing April 16th and run ning until May 14th, you’re going to see skate board decks like you’ve never seen them before. Jonathan LeVine Gallery will be pre sent ing Future Prim i tive, new works by Tokyo-​​based artist Haroshi.”

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